All our professionals at Bruce R Merry DDS, PLLC, Artistic Dental Solutions, maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry. Additionally, Dr Bruce Merry has been consistently voted "TOP DENTIST" in the Mpls/St Paul Magazine.


And though each team member truly enjoys their respective dental careers, the following is a glimpse into what also brings them joy...............

Bruce Merry DDS

Eva Lau DDS

In Loving Memory of

Graham Merry DDS


Dr Bruce Merry, DDS


As a General Dentist for over 30 years (a University of MN graduate), Dr. Bruce Merry has won thousands of patients over with his gentle and conservative approach.  If it’s been a while since you’ve stepped inside a dental office, don’t worry, there won’t be a lecture.  If you’re a “needle-phobic,” you’ve come to the right place. 


What you should know:  Dr. Bruce loves his job so much that he never wants to retire! (Unless Alzheimer’s kicks in, then his team might have to “extract” him!) However, he’s also a firm believer in making a life outside work.  In his free time, he enjoys babysitting his grandchildren, making rustic furniture, welding, traveling, working-out, and relishing time with family and friends.


He served as the Team Dentist for the Minnesota Vikings for over 30 years.


Dr Eva Lau, DDS 

We welcomed Dr. Lau to our dental team in November, 2017, along with her huge passion for dentistry!  Her devotion to oral healthcare began during her undergraduate years in her beloved hometown of Winnipeg, Canada.  Following her graduation from the University of Minnesota (go Gophers!) Dental School, she completed a General Practice Residency at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. (We think she kept looking for warmer weather!)  After returning to Minnesota, she established a loyal patient following with a Minnetonka dental practice for several years. 


Dr. Lau has since found a “new home” with our private practice, where she strongly values supporting patients’ oral healthcare goals, along with her specialized training in placing dental implants (she’s a real go-getter!).  She believes in launching her day with an upbeat attitude and a daily quote (told you she has a HUGE passion for dentistry!), and is often heard humming her favorite tunes (in her case, no ear plugs required).

When Dr. Lau is not monitoring teeth, she loves to spend time with her husband and family, walk her dog, Arnie (named after golfer, Arnold Palmer), bike Twin Cities trails, and travel. She also enjoys playing her guitar in an acoustic jam band; perhaps you’ll see her perform at a coffee shop one day! (We hope she doesn’t get too famous!)  She’s also an avid sports fan, and loves cheering for anything Minnesota!  Ski-U-Mah! 

Dr Graham Merry, DDS

(In Loving Memory)












Dental Assistants: Jill, Meg and Melissa

Jill E ***Licensed Dental Assistant             


Jill wears many hats in our office.  She has been a “dentist-in-training,” working alongside Dr. Merry for over 13 years, and she could pretty much fill in for Dr. Merry at any time (but since that’s not legal with her credentials, she’s happy to be his extra set of hands).  When she’s not assisting, she’s our Radiation Safety Officer, Inventory Captain and affectionately, aka, the “Sterilization Tyrant”.


Outside the office, Jill values spending time with her family and friends.  She keeps up with the rock music scene and participates in a volleyball league all year long.  Her favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Meg D ***Licensed Dental Assistant  

Meg joined the Merry dental team in November, 2016, and couldn't be happier about it. When she isn't assisting the doctors with dental procedures, you can find her up front where she helps Meredith with administrative tasks, and makes sure lab cases are coming and going on time. 


She and her husband moved to MN from the east coast to pursue careers in theater. Now 16 years later she assists the doctors by day and runs a small theater company by night. She's also a busy mom of two little girls. In her copious free time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and sleeping.


Melissa R ***Certified Licensed Dental Assistant


Melissa came to us while she was an extern in the dental assistant program at Hennepin Tech.  We loved her bubbly personality so much that we begged her to stay (despite her long drive)!  We consider it a compliment that she thinks we’re worth the trip, too!  When she’s not assisting either of the doctors, she helps with administrative duties.


Although she’s from a small town, Melissa can strike up a conversation with anyone.  While she finds joy in socializing at family gatherings, scrapbooking and quilting, her newest love is dressing up her little girls.

Hygienists: Amy, Miranda, Kelly, Jamie and Chris

Jamie B ***Dental Hygienist


When it came to deciding on a career, Jamie was torn between elementary education and dental hygiene.  In the end, she chose hygiene, which was a win for us!  She channels her love for teaching by guiding patients on how to improve their oral health.  Don’t let her “teacher” vibe fool you, as her infectious laughter will make you smile.  You won’t want to be tardy in scheduling an appointment with Jamie.  Jamie works Tuesday and Thursday. 


While Jamie and her husband are transitioning through the empty nest stage, their home remains full with family and friends.  A family of “foodies,” Jamie always has a great recipe to share or a new restaurant recommendation.  The only thing more flavorful than her cuisine are her words of inspiration.


Chris C ***Dental Hygienist


If you need a hug from your dental hygienist, look no further.  Chris can make even the most nervous patient seem at ease.  She works Tuesday and Wednesday.  Her schedule fills quickly so be sure to schedule your appointments with Chris in advance.  Chris graduated from the Normandale Community College Dental Hygiene Program. 


Chris is THE soccer mom/chauffer/school PTA/president of the wonder woman association/etc.  She and her family love traveling (especially to Disney), trying new foods, and cheering for the Minnesota Wild.  Chris is also proud to be a breast cancer SURVIVOR!  


Kelly I ***Dental Hygienist


As a University of MN Dental Hygiene graduate, Kelly is our “go-with-the-flow” hygienist.  Her patients love her laid back personality.  She’ll let you know if you’ve been lax on your flossing, but don’t blame her, because that’s her job (and she’s good at it)!  Just don’t slack on making an appointment with her.  Kelly works on Mondays. 


Kelly married her high school sweetheart and is now a busy mom of two.  Her social calendar is always filled with dance recitals, “Girl’s Night”, book club, and weekends away at the family cabin.  She also loves to entertain and travel.  


Miranda S ***Dental Hygienist 

If you schedule your 6 month cleaning on a Wednesday with Miranda, you'll be sure to leave with a smile on your face.  Miranda started her hygiene career in Anchorage, Alaska.  She would brave snow storms and polar bears to make sure her patients got the best care!  She even tried to convince producers that a reality show on Alaskan dental offices would be just as exciting as "Deadliest Catch," but they just wouldn't "bite".  

In search of a warmer place to call home, Miranda and her husband moved to Minnesota in 2012.  She quickly fell in love with the trails and lakes.  She was most excited upon the arrival of Chick-Fil-A!  Miranda and her husband have two adorable kids and two pekingese.  When she's not working with her awesome dental peers, she's building her lucrative career as an eyelash stylist in Wayzata.

Amy C ***Dental Hygienist 

Originally from Wisconsin, Amy is a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dental Hygiene. She has 22+ years of experience and has volunteered her time teaching oral care and distributing supplies at an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her husband, son and Scottish Terrier, Maggie, traveling- (especially international), attending comedy shows and improv, watching Survivor and Anne of Green Gables, searching for the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich, going on roller-coasters, and cheering for the Packers (Attention Viking Fans: Do not hold this against her!) She dislikes anything spicy, slow drivers, neutral colors, Alzheimer’s Disease, and alcoholic beverages other than Jell-O shots.

Meredith (Patient Care Coordinator) and Anne (Office Manager)

and Lena (office mascot)

Meredith B ***Patient Care Coordinator


It’s understandable that many patients are intimidated when they set foot inside a dental office for the first time.  Have no fear, Mer (the short person behind the front desk) is happy to welcome you to our practice.  She can help you schedule your next appointment, process your insurance claim, assist you in making your complimentary cup of coffee (yes, we have a Keurig!) and everything in between.


On the weekends, Mer enjoys baking (specifically cookie decorating), reading and starting many pinterest projects (but few are completed, just ask her husband).  She and her husband appreciate walking around the lake, going out to dinner and spending time with her nephews on Sundays.

Lena (Office Dog)

Lena ***Office Dog


A Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, Lena is our official canine greeter.  She works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She offers empathy to our nervous patients in exchange for attention. 

When she isn’t napping, Lena enjoys treats (even though she should be watching her figure), walking and playing fetch.   


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